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Sol Katmandu Park Resort

On 23 November, 2018 I booked my accomodation on the website www.melia.com to the Sol Katmandu Park & Resort Hotel. At the same time I also settled the cost (1281 EUR) by credit card.
The reservation was for the time period between 29 September and 6 October, 2019.
After arriving to the Sol Katmandu Park & Resort Hotel our checking-in was rejected for the reason that I could not show up the credit card that was used when paying the cost on the website 10 months before. I tried to explain that my card had been expired in Spring, then the bank withdrew it and issued a new one but they did not accept my arguments. I presented my ID card and looked up the bank statement about the transfer 10 months ago. I also could find the SMS on my phone from the bank on 23 November, 2019 about the successful transaction but the Hotel was relentless. They asked me to pay all the cost again saying that later they will transfer the previous amount back to me. I had no other choice so I paid otherwise they would not have let us to occupy the room and me with my family should have stayed on the street for the night. During the conversation they spoke to us in an insulting tone. We were arguing for 2 hours while my 2-year-old son fell asleep at the reception without eating and drinking. I asked them to let me speak with the hotel manager who was not hurtful but was not willing to help us either.
In Hungary a credit card is usually issued for 3 years. After expiring it is automatically replaced with a new one. In these cases the bank send an SMS that the customers need to go in to hand over the old card and to pick up the new one. In my country this is the rule for this kind of processes and I suppose this is the same in the EU as well. I cannot be blamed for not being able to show up my old creditcard. I could certify the valid transaction with other official documents (bank statement, SMS).
The situation was really unpleasant to us and the communication from the bank was not admissible. Our vacation was in ruins and because of the happenings our spirits were greatly shaken.
If we were not been able to pay the cost again, we should have been stayed on the street during the night. I think it is absolutely unacceptable in the EU in 2019.
During our stay in the hotel I could speak with 6 other families and 4 out of 6 said that they did not have to show their credit card used for the advance booking. (The other 2 paid on the spot.)
We go to Spain every year and this was the first unpleasant experience of us in this country. I think that the Sol Katmandu Park & Resort Hotel was acting in violation of the law with us. Although they transfered back the money, we had financial loss by currency exchange moreover the behavior of the hotel staff ruined our vacation.

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